Intruder Alarms York

Posted on: 15 December 2020 by in Burglar Alarms
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Intruder Alarms York

If you are after intruder alarms in York then you’ve reached the right page. In almost forty years that we’ve been trading then there is one recurring result we can point out – when the economy is bad and unemployment is going up then theft goes up!

We’ve been providing intruder alarms for York businesses and homeowners for almost forty years and we’ve watched many inventions arrive and leave. The most current being purely Wi-Fi, plug-and-play burglar alarms. Over recent history the test of whether a development in security lasts or not is determined by the criminal fraternity.

A system that you can unbox, plug in, set up on an app and then ask Google or Alexa to set seems wonderful – our guess is that the criminals think it is too! If a sounder isn’t permanently fixed, then attacking it or dropping it in the sink is simple … perhaps simply pinching it could be a possibility! If there is no external sounder and flashing light, up high on the outside wall then where is the deterrent?

Countless studies and police research tell us that burglars are deterred by a recognisable intruder alarm and CCTV cameras. Burglars want the easier option. If they only notice you have an alarm system once they’ve successfully broken into your premises then the horse has bolted.

Using a compatible app with your alarm is a great idea, although supplementary. It is crucial that the intruder alarm operates as a strong intruder system irrespective of an app. The facility to remotely activate and deactivate your intruder alarm, check it’s status and get push notifications is really good. However, we all accept that smartphones and cellular networks are a reliable communication path 95% of the time but if you were sent a notification by your alarm at midnight on old year’s night how quick would that get to you? Supplemental apps are a really good addition to a security system but the alarm itself must first provide a deterrent and after that alert criminals and your neighbourhood, should a burglary take place, regardless of power outages or internet down times.

Intruder Alarms York

We said at the start of this article that whether new security developments last is determined by criminals – this is correct, however there are others who influence this decision. Let’s just say this – before you order your Wi-Fi connected alarm, ask your underwriter what they think! … Just saying Siri!

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